Product Photo shoot , Video Editing and Branding


In the ever-developing world of e-commerce, the fact that a buyer can't touch, feel or see the real product calls for fabulous images to describe the product with utmost accuracy and focus on user-friendly features.

We at Creative Sewa clearly understand online imaging requirements and carefully choose & enhance your product pictures to make a positive impact on your online sales. As the product is available only virtually, online retail websites rely heavily on images to provide visual information about the product to potential buyers. Online marketing needs images in the form of banners and headings to advertise products, schemes and offers.

Apart from this, there are other important places in the website where images are necessary, like thumbnails and quick view images. Most of the e-commerce websites also have the hover zoom feature where at least three images from different angles are necessary for customer satisfaction as only powerful images pull out the money from consumers’ pockets. To design all these images in various sizes is a time taking process and needs expert level image editing on software like Coral Draw and Photoshop.

While you may not have time to perfectly edit each picture individually, our team of image editing experts will guarantee you high-quality and well optimized images. Our services include: Color correction, background enhancement, image resizing, image masking and image clipping to provide your customers a virtual treat online

A logo, packaging, typography, and personality all represent a brand, along with customer service, price, product quality, and corporate responsibility, but a brand is a bit more intangible. It's emotional, visual, historical, and human.